AutoPal Loan Servicing Software

AutoPal Software was created in 2008 when a group of lenders decided to stop the futile search for the right software and create it themselves instead.

Modern User Interface

If you're tired of out-of-date, hard-to-navigate loan software, AutoPal's loan software interface will pull you out of the past and push into the future. We use cutting-edge technology to give you user-friendly interface anywhere you have an Internet connection.

Customer Communication

AutoPal is a great buy-here-pay-here software or title loan software solution. Our communication features can be used to automatically contact your customers through email, phone or text.

Customer-Facing Website

AutoPal offers a customer-facing website. This is a great advantage you'll have over your competitors who use other lending software. Your customers can use this website to make payments, update insurance view loan data and generally manage their own loans.

What we do

AutoPal is dedicated to providing robust, scalable, and, above all, accurate loan management software. We strive to provide the features that will give our lender partners a leg up on their competitors and make loan servicing simple.

Superior Support

Our support representatives have experience in the lending industry. They've been there and when you ask questions, they will understand your company and know where you're coming from.

Automated Payments

AutoPal lets you schedule when to pull payments from your customers. This feature makes it easy to stay on top of your customer payments, even if you are collecting on tens of thousands of loans.

Multiple Calculation Types

AutoPal offers multiple calculation types and settings to help you match contracts and legally maximize your profits.

Custom Forms and Documents

In AutoPal, you can create your own documents. The system will automatically fill them with customer and loan data so they can be printed easily over and over again.


AutoPal has a robust system of flags that will help you evaluate each loan account. You can create rules that will decide which flags will appear on each account based on things like amount past due.


You can create a custom checklist for your loans to help you make sure specific tasks get done for each loan. You can search your loans by whether they need or have items from the list.

Get in touch

If you want more information about AutoPal or it's products, feel free to contact us.